George Washington Slept Here

The cast from George Washington Slept Here

Newton (John Kelroy) raves about the floor to Annabelle (Jill Koester)

Steve (David Zeller) and Madge (Shira Levenson) help move in

Annabelle (Jill Koester) consoles Katie (Yelena Kladnitsky)

Mr. Kimber (Urban Landreman) arrives with good news about the well.

Annabelle (Jill Koester) discusses spraying trees with Mr. Kimber (Urban Landreman)

Mrs Douglas (Christine Schoenbauer) welcomes Newton (John Kelroy) and Annabelle (Jill Koester) to the neighborhood.

Clayton Evans (Rich Alteri) and Rena Leslie (Pam Scott) discuss summer theater

Clayton Evans (Rich Alteri) helps Madge (Shira Levenson) wipe up the floor

Rena Leslie (Pam Scott) and Annabelle (Jill Koester) share a drink and a laugh

Mr. Prescott (Craig Anderson) demands that Raymond (Patrick Landreman) stop trespassing on his property

Sue (Lindey Krug), Leggitt (Dionne King), Tommy (Sasha Kladnitsky), and Darma (Yelena Kladnitsky) arrive for the weekend

A boring summer afternoon

Newton (John Kelroy) leaves to cross the Delaware while Annabelle (Jill Koester) and Rena Leslie (Pam Scott) look on

Newton (John Kelroy) and Annabelle (Jill Koester) admire Uncle Stanley's (Ed O'Connor) soft skin

Raymond (Patrick Landreman) tries to acquire the map from Mrs Douglas (Christine Schoenbauer)

Mr. Prescott (Craig Anderson) arrives to find the house in its original condition

Raymond's (Patrick Landreman) announcement is stopped short by Rena Leslie (Pam Scott)

Stage Crew
Kim Zeller and Will Schoettler

Band Members
Neill Merck and Elmer Pierre

Logan Jambik

Jim Penson

Jerry McNiff

Jodi Larson

Linda Berglund
Stage Manager

Maggie Scanlan

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