Bullets and Beauties
Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from the 2000 production of Bullets and Beauties:

The cast of Bullets and Beauties   
Claude (John Pikala) and
Irene (Judith James)
run the Boulevards of Paris nightclub
Marjorie LaFleur
(Melissa Gerads)
Willie Thornton
(Jonathan Stierwald)
Tommy Acapella
(Craig Anderson)
waits to hear from the audience
Charlie (Zak Forde)
gives advice to
Joey (Nick Peters)
Alice (Katrina Hannemann)
dances with Peter (Dave Zeller)
Charlie (Zak Forde) points out Earl "Kid Kelly" Peterson
to Joey (Nick Peters) and Louise Miller (Holly Lindsay)
Fast Eddie Van Dyke (Stuart Alger)
dances with Maria (Maureen Stanton)
Ray Angelucci (David Heffernan) with
Ruth (Holly Windle)

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Last updated: 06/06/2002