Meet some of the cast and crew members from The Vegetable.

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Cris Tibbetts  See Director Cris Tibbetts talk about the show.

Cast members include:

Craig Anderson  Craig Anderson as Joseph Fish   Urban Landreman as Judge Fossile
Michael Breeden as Mr. Snooks   Barry Lazarus as a Porter
Christine DeZeler-Tiedman as Doris Holly Lindsay  Holly Lindsay as Charlotte Frost
Zak Forde as the Newsboy Ed O'Connor  Ed O'Connor as Dada
John Garafola as the Detective   Jeremiah Scanlan as the Chauffeur
Kurt Hunsicker  Kurt Hunsicker as General Pushing Jason Schaal  W. Jason Schaal as Jerry Frost
  Kari Kamrin as a Senator   Jessica Smith as a Senator
  Yelena Kladnitsky as the Drummer   Jill Stevenson as a Senator
  Maggie Lally as the Fifer Donna Marie Woodson  Donna Marie Woodson as Miss Jones
  David Zeller as Stutz-Mozart

Some of the very important off-stage crew members include:

Jodi Paquette Jodi Paquette - Stage Manager
Michelle Forde - Costumes
Jon Stierwald - Set Construction
Terry Gibson Terry Gibson - Lighting
Gina Olmstead - Props
Elmer Pierre - Music Director
Alex Forde, Jacob Harstad, Patrick Landreman, and Katy Shimizu - Stage Crew
Lila Taft - Photography

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Last updated: 4/28/2001