The Vegetable
Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from the 2001 production of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Vegetable:

The cast of The Vegetable    . The Vegetable cast photo
Mr. Snooks making gin for Jerry Frost. . Mr. Snooks (Michael Breeden) makes gin for Jerry Frost (W. Jason Schaal).
Doris (Christine DeZeler-Tiedman) with her new fiancÚ Joseph Fish (Craig Anderson). . Joseph Fish and Doris
. President Frost (W. Jason Schaal) buys the latest edition from the newspaper boy (Zak Forde). 
The chauffeur (Jeremiah Scanlan) takes a momentary rest.  . Chauffeur resting
General Pushing (Kurt Hunsicker) informs President Frost (W. Jason Schaal) about the. vote on war while Jones (Donna Marie Woodman) looks on. . General Pushing talks to President Frost
.President Frost and Ambassador Snooks . President Frost (W. Jason Schaal) and Ambassador Snooks (Michael Breeden) negotiate the sale of the Buzzard Islands as Jones (Donna Marie Woodson) writes down the treaty.
Judge Fossile (Urban Landreman) from the Supreme Court proceeds over a verdict of a just nation. . Judge Fossile and the Senate vote
. The Senators stand at attention as First Lady Charlotte Frost (Holly Lindsay) leaves the White House.
Doris and Charlotte . Doris (Christine DeZeler-Tiedman) urges Charlotte (Holly Lindsay) to comb the dives.
The Detective (John Garafola) tells Charlotte (Holly Lindsay) and Doris (Christine DeZeler-Tiedman) about his leads. . The Detective with Charlotte and Doris
Postman Jerry Frost . Postman Jerry Frost (W. Jason Schaal) delivers the mail.
Stage Crew members Jacob Harstad, Patrick Landreman, and Alex Forde.  Missing from the photo - Katy Shimizu . Stage crew members

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