Meet some of the cast and crew members from Under the Gaslight.

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The Director is Tom Johnson

Cast members include:

Bruce Abbott as Judge Bowling Mary Haley as Laura Courtland
Craig Anderson  Craig Anderson as Edward Demilt Tim Haley as Joe Snorkey
Frank Blomgren as Byke Frederick Jay as Ray Trafford
Amber Crosby as Peanut Mark Noel as the Signal Man and Martin
Jeff Dahlin as Windell   Urban Landreman as Sam
Christine DeZeler-Tiedman as Sue Earlie Mary Langfield as Peachblossom
Zak Forde as Peter Rich Jaimi Paige Landgren as Pearl Courtland
Jeanne Genovese as Lizzie Liston   Jeremiah Scanlan as the Bermudas
Anne Frances Gregg as Mrs. Van Dam Jennifer Schultz as Judas

Some of the very important off-stage crew members include:

Lisa LeGrand - Stage Manager
Mari Lynn Ampe - Music Director
Jon Stierwald - Set Construction
Heather Christianson, Terry Gibson Terry Gibson, Jim Penson, Jack Rose - Lighting
Debra Bielke, Kevin Geraghty, Kurt Hunsicker  - Costumes
Christine DeZelar-Tiedman, Pat Armstrong - Props
Lori Stone - Business Relations

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Last updated: 10/8/2001