Under the Gaslight
Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from the 2001 production of Augustin Daly's Under The Gaslight :

The cast of Under The Gaslight    .
. . Laura (Mary Haley), Ray (Frederick Jay), and Byke (Frank Blomgren) rehearse a scene from the show
Laura Courtland (Mary Haley) reads a disturbing letter while Ray Trafford (Frederick Jay) and Pearl (Jaimi Paige) look on. .
. . Ray Trafford (Frederick Jay) writes a farewell letter to Laura
Ray Trafford (Frederick Jay) and Pearl Courtland (Jaimi Paige) talk at Delmonico's. .
. Mrs. Van Dam (Ann Frances Gregg), Sue Earlie (Christine DeZelar-Tiedman), and Lizzie Liston (Jeanne Genovese) find some incriminating evidence.
Peachblossem (Mary Langfield) polishes the stove. .
. Byke (Frank Blomgren) is happy to see his 'daughter' Laura (Mary Haley).
Smithers (Urban Landreman) needs to restrain Ray Trafford (Frederick Jay). .
. Byke (Frank Blomgren) and Old Judas (Jennifer Schultz) enjoy a quiet moment.
Peanuts (Amber Crosby), Bermudas (Jeremiah Scanlon), Snorkey (Tim Haley) and Peter Rich (Zak Forde) meet for the soirée .
. Mrs. Van Dam (Ann Frances Gregg), Demilt (Craig Anderson), Sue Earlie (Christine DeZelar-Tiedman), and Windel (Jeff Dahlin) meet at Long Branch.
Peachblossem (Mary Langfield) tells Laura Courtland (Mary Haley) a shocking story. .
. Laura Courtland (Mary Haley) asks the Signalman (Mark Noel) about the next train to New York.

Tom Johnson - Director
Lisa LeGrand - Stage Manager

Mari Lynn Ampe - Music Director
Kurt Hunsicker - Costumes

Kevin Geraghty - Costumes
Debra Beilke - Costumes

Nora and Bruce Abbott - Stage Crew
Heather Christianson and Jack Rose - Lighting
. Peachblossem (Mary Langfield), Peanuts (Amber Crosby), and Bermudas (Jeremiah Scanlon) relax backstage.
Sue Earlie (Christine DeZelar-Tiedman) and Lizzie Liston wait for their entrance. .

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