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Here are some photos from The Philadelphia Story by Philip Barry, July 2002.

The cast from The Philadelphia Story    . Cast Photo
Margaret talks with Tracy. . Margaret (Muriel Bonertz) gives Tracy (Kara Greshwalk) some motherly advice.
Mike Connor (Michael Maddox) and Liz Imbrie (Kjersten Johnson) explore the Lord home.    .
. . Tracy (Kara Greshwalk) reacts to a comment by Uncle Willie (David Schliep) while Margaret (Muriel Bonertz), Elsie (Bethany Koppin), and Edward (Sam Ahern) listen.
C. K. Dexter Haven (Craig Anderson) gives his best wishes to George Kittredge (Christian Finch) and Tracy Lord (Kara Greshwalk) while Sandy (Tom Steffen) looks on. .
. . Sandy Lord (Tom Steffen) reacts to his sister Tracy (Kara Greshwalk)
Tracy Lord (Kara Greshwalk) tells how much she enjoyed Aunt Geneva' .
. . Mike Connor (Michael Maddox) and Tracy (Kara Greshwalk) find themselves in an "inconvenient" situation.
Mac (Geoffe Schodde) checks with Dexter (Craig Anderson) to see if everything is all right.. .
Dinah and Tracy talk. . Dinah (Summer Hagen) and Tracy (Kara Greshwalk) have a heart-to-heart talk between sisters.
Dinah (Summer Hagen) and Uncle Willie (David Schliep) talk about people and sin. .
. . Reverend Parsons (Urban Landreman) checks on Tracy's whereabouts with Sandy (Tom Steffen).
May (Tara Thompson) gives Tracy (Kara Greshwalk) her hat. .
. . Tracy (Kara Greshwalk) makes an announcement to the guests while Dexter (Craig Anderson), Mike (Michael Maddox), Seth (Frederick Jay) and Margaret (Muriel Bonertz) look on.
Vocalist Diane Brostrom and keyboardist Bruce Nerase. .
. . Special guests: Aunt Geneva (Holly Lindsay), Sidney Kidd (Jim Quinn), and the reporter from Destiny (Mary Drew).
Tracy's nephew, Herman (Zak Forde). .
. . Director, Kurt Hunsicker
Lighting Designer, Per Olson. .
. . Sound Board Operator, Barry Lazarus
Costume Coordinator, Jeremiah Scanlon .
. . Stage Crew: Will Schoettler, Sam Roberts, Alex Forde, Jacob Harstad, Nathan Lindsay-Levine, and Patrick Landreman

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