2003 Lex-Ham Short-Play Festival
Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from the 2003 Lex-Ham Short-Play Festival.

O'Flaherty V.C. by George Bernard Shaw

Sir Pearce (Kurt Hunsicker) talks with Mrs. O'Flaherty (Heidi Slen Walsh) while O'Flaherty (Joel Schwendinger) stands at attention.
... O'Flaherty (Joel Schwendinger) reacts to Teresa's (Mickalace Wright) hurt feelings.
Mrs. O'Flaherty (Heidi Slen Walsh) asks her son (Joel Schwendinger) about French women.
... O'Flaherty (Joel Schwendinger) tells Sir Pearce (Kurt Hunsicker) about war's alarums and home life.

Rise and Shine by Urban Landreman

... The hosts of Rise and Shine: Dennis Young (Urban Landreman) and Cindy Probst (Mickalace Wright)
Hannah (Kelly Heidrich), the stage manager, gives Cindy Probst (Mickalace Wright) the background info on Gary Brooks.
... Hannah (Kelly Heidrich), the stage manager, gives instructions to Sgt 1st Class, Gary Brooks (Kurt Hunsicker)

The Trojan Women by Euripides, adapted by John Townsend

... The narrators (Vickijoan Keck and Doug Thompson) prepare to tell the story of Troy.
Trojan women wonder about their designations
... The women of Troy comfort Hecuba (Kristen Mathison)
Cassandra (Kara Greshwalk) with her torch
... Greek soldiers (Leo Tushaus and Eli Pupovac) bring in Andromache (Eleise Jones)
Talthybius (Shad Cooper) shows Astyanix (Frank Thompson) a high point
... Menelaus (Doug Thompson) comes to retrieve his wife, Helen
Greek soldiers guard Helen (Wanda Jenkins)
... Greek soldiers (Eli Pupovac and Randall Patterson) threaten the slave (Dionne King)
The women of Troy look upon Hector's Shield
... The women of Troy

Shad Cooper was given an "Outstanding Achievement in Acting"
award at the 2003 Minnesota Association of Community Theatres
play fest in Crookston, Minnesota
for his portrayal of Talthybius in The Trojan Women


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