Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from the June 2003 production of Quilters.

The family heads out west
... A family member (Kia Erdmann) experiences a harsh winter in a dugout.
Sarah (Mary Beth Marier) teaches Jane (Erin Duffy) how to quilt.
... Jody (Lisa Heutmaker), Jenny (Janet Hanson), and Jane (Erin Duffy) help Margaret (Kia Erdmann) with giving birth.
Dana (Suzanna Winter) shows off her Cornelia doll
... Lisa (Lisa Diesslin) and Jenny (Janet Hanson) remember the windmill.
A preacher's daughter (Kia Erdmann) relishes red calico fabric.
... Jane (Erin Duffy) assists a young mother (Suzanna Winter).
Cyrus Johnson (Janet Hanson) talks with his classmate (Suzanna Winter) during the needlework lesson.

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Last updated: 6/26/2003