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Testimonial - Mary Cutler

Mary Cutler
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Mary Cutler
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Directing at Lex-Ham is always a great adventure.  I find myself stimulated with the research and interpretation of texts with which I had no previous knowledge, although I hold an academic background in dramatic literature!  Through Lex-Ham I have delved into: an intriguing O' Neill with a surprising feminist bent; a play penned by our own F. Scott Fitzgerald for his St. Paul teenage theatre company; a comedy by my favorite George S. Kaufman with co-author Katharine Dayton’s treatise on 1930’s women involved in U.S. politics and power!  Most recently, I worked with Twin Cities’ distinguished talent in a staged reading of a controversially feminist George Bernard Shaw drama.  In all of these productions Lex-Ham attracted excellent actors and technicians with whom I still gratefully collaborate.  The intellectual stimulation and the entertaining interpersonal experiences available attract me to work with Lex-Ham.