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Lex-Ham Community Theater

Scene for production of Antony and Cleopatra

The Lex-Ham Community Theater is gradually offering some Covid-safe in-person activities due to the Public Health concerns related to the coronavirus. 

Watch Director Mary Cutler's and the cast members' comments on the recently performed Mrs. Warren's Profession by George Bernard Shaw.

There are virtual Improv sessions and virtual acting classes available.

Here is some more information about the acting classes taught jointly by Lex-Ham Community Theater and Saint Paul Community Education.

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Mary Cutler

Mary Cutler


Directing at Lex-Ham is always a great adventure.  I find myself stimulated with the research and interpretation of texts with which I had no previous knowledge, although I hold an academic background in dramatic literature!  Through Lex-Ham I have delved into: an intriguing O' Neill with a surprising feminist bent; a play penned by our own F. Scott Fitzgerald for his St. Paul teenage theatre company; a comedy by my favorite George S. Kaufman with co-author Katharine Dayton’s treatise on 1930’s women involved in U.S. politics and power!  Most recently, I worked with Twin Cities’ distinguished talent in a staged reading of a controversially feminist George Bernard Shaw drama.  In all of these productions Lex-Ham attracted excellent actors and technicians with whom I still gratefully collaborate.  The intellectual stimulation and the entertaining interpersonal experiences available attract me to work with Lex-Ham. 

Dutton Foster

Dutton Foster

Set designer

"For many years since retirement, I have been active in Lex-Ham’s community theater productions. I designed and built sets for numerous productions and have served on the selection committee as well. Lex-Ham is an open and friendly organization devoted to giving people a number of ways to explore their interest in the the performing arts. Through play readings, improv sessions, and productions, participants can stretch their theatrical muscles while making new friends."

Lynne Vannelli

Lynne Vannelli


“Being active with Lex-Ham Community Arts has enriched my life with new friends through acting, play readings, classes community events, and laughing during virtual improv. Lex-Ham makes it easy to experience something new, so I say Try It!”

Upcoming events

Title Date Location Address
Play reading: The Tender Trap 1184 Portland Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104